1976 Suzuki GT200 X5

We have had this little Suzuki for about 2 years and have been slowly collecting parts that are needed for a full nut and bolt restoration. Most parts we obtained fairly easy from various places in the UK and eBay, however the one item that has proved impossible to find is the small cover for the tail unit, so we have resorted to having a complete tail unit fabricated from scratch.     

Engine has been rebuilt, new pistons, rings, con-rods, reground crank, bearing, seals etc. Now its about to go off for Aqua blasting to get it all shiny again.  
Suzuki X5 as purchased, looks quite look in the picture but further investigation relieved a lot of issues. Front mudguard either incorrect or badly damaged, right side panel completely incorrect, levers badly bent, incorrect mirrors, no clutch cable, forks pitted and the list got a lot bigger when we opened up the motor.