• R 900.00

The ROYAL ENFIELD MILITARY GLOVES are inspired from the tactical gloves of military operatives. Incredibly hardwearing and durable, our Military Gloves offer protection from impact and abrasion, while still retaining a high level of dexterity.

Protection Features

  • Outer Shell: Faux leather and mesh, made from a mix of highly abrasion resistant nylon and polyurethane
  • Impact Protection: Thermoformed protector (TPU) at knuckles and finger joints
  • Palm Protection: Reinforced faux leather patch on palms, for additional safety

Ergonomic Features

  • Fit: Cuff length, street fit
  • Elasticated Mesh Panels: On fingers and in dorsal area (back of the hand), provide ventilation and flex with the body
  • 360° Velcro: A wrap-around Velcro tab on wrist provides a zero-displacement fit